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How To Make An Impression On Your Business Partner?

How To Make An Impression On Your Business Partner?

First impressions play a crucial role in making or breaking a deal. Imagine two scenarios;

Scenario no.1: A professionally dressed business delegate with a big smile waiting on you in a lobby. He greets you with your correct name and is already informed about your business intentions. There is no wait time and you smoothly arrive at the rendezvous location in a comfortable Professional car.

Scenario no.2: You had to make your way through the airport rush hour, navigate the city for correct address and call the business affiliates a hundred times for directions before reaching the location.

Both the scenarios are a common practice; there’s nothing wrong with opting for either one, but when it comes to making an impression way before the client reaches the meeting room, then scenario 1 steals the show.

There are multiple ways to make a lasting impression on your client and business partner; get prepared to put your best foot forward in the next meeting.

Dress To Impress

Dress To Impress

Getting dressed for a meeting portrays you are taking things seriously. If you are confused regarding the dress code, opt for formal attire.

It’s safer to show in a suit rather than jeans for a professional setting. Keep your posture straight and stop fidgeting. This will keep your client at ease and interested. Moreover, groom your hair and nail. Small details speak volumes on your behalf.

Meet And Greet

Your client will start developing an impression about your business from your very first business correspondence. You have cleared the email and telephonic correspondence phase, if your client has agreed to meet you in person.

Now you have to bring your A-Game to the table. Make arrangement for their travel plans, hire an executive limo to pick them up from the airport, and follow the meeting with a formal lunch or tea. This will show you interest and courtesy to a prospective business partner.

Go Beyond Expectation

If you go out of the way to impress your potential client with an attractive sales pitch or a detailed presentation, you are likely to be remembered.

Perform necessary background research on your client to deliver a relatable plan.

Manage Time

Whether it’s a pickup or a scheduled meeting, being late makes you look sloppy. Have all the information about the partner’s flight timing and send in soft-reminders about the meeting to all parties involved to avoid delays.

Dwell In The Common Ground

It’s easier to relate to people with common interests like food, sports, or hobbies. Make sure your client is at ease and can relate to you at a personal level.

Have A Positive Attitude

Have A Positive Attitude

Don’t be aggressive or rude if your idea is being questioned. Keep calm and try to support your stance with relevant and compelling arguments.

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