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What Companies Should Know before Making a Corporate Account with First Class Airport Sedan

What Companies Should Know before Making a Corporate Account with First Class Airport Sedan

So you’ve decided to partner with First Class Airport Sedan for your company travels.

First of all, well done! You’ve made the right decision for not just your employees, but also for your investors who will indeed be impressed seeing that you’ve partnered with a Professional car company for transportation. Talk about good first impressions!

However, if you are to sign the dotted line, we highly recommend that you learn a few things about selecting a partner and building up your contract so everything works in your favor.

Crucial Tips on Car Hire Agreements

Pick the Right Partner

As a reliable company in Detroit, you can be sure you’ve made the right choice with us. Nevertheless, if you were to choose a company in another state, we’d still insist that you check their sample reports, their reviews and any information you can get from them. Learn about their rates and what they offer for executives and loyal customers. You never know how you might be able to use this information to customize the package to your needs.

Know How to Save Costs

Negotiating isn’t a sin; neither will we treat it as such. After all we want you to stay within budget but get the service that you want. Ask us about flat rates and percentages. Talk about setting price points during peak times so there’s no spike in the bills. This will not only keep your budget within its limit, it’ll also eliminate any doubts regarding hidden fees, something you might be concerned about.

Set up a Direct Billing Account

A direct billing account will not only give you guidelines on what your company needs to pay in advance, it’ll also help you understand and set up some policy parameters. Not to mention that with a direct billing system, the transaction process will also become streamlined.

Tell us about those VIP Travelers

This includes your executives and VIP clients. If they need some extra attention, we’ll need to know beforehand so we can provide them with the services and the vehicle they desire. You will need to give us the details on any specifications regarding their travels, such as particular amenities and such.

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Talk to Us!

With all this information, you’ll easily have a car reservation agreement in place for business and corporate travels.

Contact us today! We offer Professional car services for airport transportation and other purposes as well.

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